Betting tips on the Premier League

So which of the clubs at the bottom of the Premier League will avoid the big drop? If you believed some of the stories we have been hearing over recent weeks it sounds as if it will be all of them. Jason Roberts, Reading’s striker, maintains that the club is set to get out of trouble and the players have the right mind set to do so. He is set to return the club following his lay off with a hip injury so he might be right.

Matt Lowton, Aston Villa's defender has been claiming that the club is now much improved and doesn’t intend to linger at the bottom of the league table for very long. He claims that the team now has power and pace that had been lacking, and he expects that they will get the results they need. Adrian Lopez is one of a bunch of Wigan’s returning players after recovering from various injuries believes that the returning players will revitalise the team and they will soon rise out of the relegation zone.

Well, it is unlikely that they will all be right, so where should you place your bets? At least you can get even money on Wigan, Reading is priced at 3/10 on and Aston Villa at 4/5. Nothing can save QPR though, but with odds of 1/8 is hardly worth the pop.

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