Fans Parliament: Season Tickets

Head of Ticketing and Membership Lynne O'Reardon said around 1,040 season tickets had been bought so far and that was on a par or slightly better than last year. In response to a question by John Maslen-Jones, she confirmed there would still be a week for season ticket holders to try to move seats if they wished. "I call it runaround week and it will still be there," she said. "But there will be very little choice as to where to relocate to."

Jez told Mark Cadman that there would be no alternative facility to the Terrace Bar next season while the Stan Cullis Stand was being rebuilt and had the same message for Anne Pearce when she asked about the disabled room. He stressed, though, that the new structure would provide improved facilities, especially on the concourses.

Ryan Leister enquired how the club would decide which fans would be accommodated in the bottom tier of the new Stan Cullis Stand next season if it were ready in time and useable. Jez said that matter was being considered but there was no guarantee seats would be released.

Lynne added: "The displaced season ticket holders will be consulted."