It’s not the best of times for Wigan Athletic

During the 2014-15 season Wigan Athletic snatched the 23rd spot of the English Championship League and due to this position they were relegated to the English League One but the team of Gary Caldwell can’t seem to bounce back from their recent slump of negative results.

Bury lost 2-0 in their opening match of the season as they had play with Coventry City and just couldn’t keep up with the opposition. 3 days later and Wigan Athletic locked horns with Bury in the League Cup and suffered yet another defeat.

Ever since Wigan Athletic was relegated from the English Championship League, Gary Caldwell has signed a total of 15 players to his squad but even with all of these arrivals they still continue to struggle but the Scottish coach isn’t that worried about the performances and results that his team has been displaying as Caldwell stated that it will take time for all of these players to perform together and start snatching victories.

Wigan Athletic’s Gary Caldwell told reporters: "I knew it wouldn't happen overnight, there are a lot of new faces and a lot of people still getting to grips with a new club. It will happen, I think you can see signs of improvement and we'll keep working hard on the training pitch to make sure it does. Once it all clicks into gear, I'm sure we'll be a really exciting team that is very attack-minded team and scores a lot of goals."

Gary Caldwell and his players were the pre-season favorites of securing a promotion spot and make their way back to the English Championship League but this defeat against Coventry City could be a sign of what’s to come for Wigan Athletic unless they are able to lift themselves up and end their recent slump of disappointing results.