Kightly refuse to celebrate

Former Wolves player Michael Kightly has refused to celebrate after scoring the winning goal that allowed Burton to beat Wolves.

He has even apologized to the fans during half-time by waving his hand.

Despite receiving plenty of stick from Wolves supporters since the beginning of the match, Michael Kightly did not give in to his emotion and refused to celebrate when he scored for Burton.

He said that he will never do that and that he still loves Wolves. He stated that he understand Wolves fans, but they do not know the whole story. He admitted that he would have never left Wolves, but there were other factors that came into play.

Michael Kightly said that he would have celebrated if it was another club but not against Wolves. He said that Wolves have given him a chance and that he will forever be grateful for what he has achieved. Although he might be playing for a rival club, he said that he would be cherishing the memories that he has experienced with Wolves.

Michael Kightly said that he is now a Burton player and that it is his job to help the team win games. But he apologized to the Wolves fans for having to score against them and beat them. He said that he enjoyed a poor run of form with Wolves where he was frequently injured. Even when he was back, he always carried this negative tag as being an injury-prone player, and this is one of the main reason why he had to leave the club.

Michael Kightly said that it was a difficult match for Burton as Wolves has some great footballers. He said that the team had to fight for every ball, but they were determined to win the game.