Paul Lambert wants to the end the season on a high note

Wolverhamptons Wanderers last match of the current season is scheduled to be played on April 29 as they have to play against Derby County.

This upcoming game is not very important for Paul Lambert and his men as they have already secured their place in the English League Championship for another year.

Wolves secured enough points to avoid the bottom relegation zone but did not gather enough points to snatch a promotion to the English Premier League; they will have another chance to do it in the upcoming season of 2017-18.

Even though it Wolverhampton will not be promoted to the higher tier league or relegated to the lower tier English League, Paul Lambert has confirmed that he will not take the final league games of his club lightly as he is not going to be experimenting with newer players or doing anything of this nature in the remaining games that are left to be played.

"We'll go as strong as we can. The form at the minute is really good. The three home games are tough games but at this moment we're in good form, so we'll try and approach it the same way and try and win. When it comes to first-team level, it won't be a gift for Graham and Zyro to play’’

"Sentimental reasons, I get all that, but we've still got a job to do. I've got lads who are in form. It's great they're back training, especially in Michal's case with that tackle which was horrific. They're still a wee bit off being ready. They're looking alright in training but I never judge too much from that. As long as you train the way you play, that's my thing." Wolverhampton’s Paul Lambert said.

Something that many managers tend to do is put in their youngsters or just test out new things with a different formation but even though promotion as well as relegation are out of their reach, Paul Lambert will take the final games of the season seriously.

The 2 final matches of the season of Wolverhampton Wanderers are against Huddersfield and Derby County which will be played on April 25 and April 29 respectively.