Paul Lambert wants to start re-building Wolverhampton

Paul Lambert took over the Championship League club Wolverhampton Wanderers back on November of 2016 and they are still struggling to make it out of the bottom relegation zone, this is something that Lambert is hoping that can change soon as he wants to see his team performing at their highest level and not only escape the relegation zone but reach the highest spots.

Wolverhampton Wanderers used to compete in the top tier English League, the Premier League in 2011 when Mick McCarthy was in charge of the club but they ultimately were relegated.

Lambert wants to see his team back in the Premier League and will do whatever he can in order to accomplish this goal as the 47 year old Scottish manager said:

"I think there's a load of work to be done here, on and off the pitch. If you get the financial support, which I'm sure the president will help with, then it's small steps but we have to build this club up again and get to the Premier League as quick as we can, although you have to walk before you can run at certain times’’

One of the things that Paul Lambert has recently stated which in own opinion needs to change is the mentality of his squad as Lambert added on saying: "We have to change the mentality. You just don't play when the big games come up; you have that level of intensity when you play everybody, not just the hyped-up games. We need to play like that every game. I don't think it's complacency. But if a team sits in against us, how do we break them down? Because I've not had the pre-season with them, we have to find solutions’’