Rangers might have got better of Falkirk the other day, but, their boss Ally McCoist reckons that they are still not playing the way they should and they need to lift their game.

The Rangers didn’t have a good start in the Championships as they had lost 1-2 to Heart of Midlothian playing in Glasgow on 10th. There was pressure on them after that defeat and they responded in the best possible way by securing 3 points in the very next game i.e. against Falkirk.

The outcome of the second game did go Rangers’ way, but, the fact is that they were all over the place especially during the first half an hour. They even came close to getting trailed a few times. Had it not been for the diving saves made by their shot stopper, they would have been pushed to the verge of defeat in the first half itself.

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Coming into the second half, the Rangers were a bit more on the attack and after having a couple of failed attempts at the net, they finally managed to find the back of it about 10 odd minutes prior to the final whistle.

The pressure created by that goal led to another one as in the 85th minute, Nicky Clarke struck and almost blocked the route of comeback for the opposition.

Speaking to the media later in the evening, McCoist said, “A win is always great, but, I must say we are still not where we should be as far as the level of our game is concerned.”

“It’s hard to find out a particular reason and say, ‘well things are not going well due to this’. There are good enough guys in the squad and I know they will be back at the ball.”