Zenga wants to find killer instinct

This is Walter Zenga’s first season as the head coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers as the Italian coach was appointed as the manager of the English League Championship on July of 2016 and so far things haven’t been going in the way that Walter Zenga desired after having suffered a number of underwhelming results.

The 56 year old Italian coach was recently enraged about the performance of his squad when they faced off with Barnsley and lost 0-4. All of the goals of that match were scored in the 2nd half and after the goals began pouring down, Wolverhampton just appeared to give up and Walter Zenga was furious about this.

"We concede a goal (Barnsley's opener in the 73rd minute) and something happened I never want to see again in my life - the players gave up. It's not acceptable. They made gifts in the last 15 minutes. It's a shame not only for me but also for the fans, for the club, for everybody."

"It's a shock. This is not a result Wolves must receive, especially at home and especially without fight, or trying to do something to change the game. I'm shocked for this reason. I'm shocked for the result, for how we played...everything and this is a big lesson also for me." Walter Zenga of Wolverhampton Wanderers said as he voiced his frustration in seeing his squad just give up against Barnsley and ultimately losing by a fair margin.

Playing at their home ground at the Molineux Stadium and just giving up like they did is something that Walter Zenga simply could not understand and it’s one of the main reasons of why the Italian manager was so frustrated. Whilst fans have been encourgaed to buy tickets for their upcoming FA Cup Matches through this link, Zenga said he could understand why fans might not turn up in big numbers, especially when there was such little fighting spirit.

After having played 7 matches, Wolverhampton Wanderers are positioned at the 16th spot with 9 points and Walter Zenga wants his team to start clinching out the victory as their team has had to settle with 3 draws but Zenga is certain that they could’ve been able to defeat Rotherham, Ipswich and Burton which are all of the opponents that Walter Zenga’s squad drew with.