The former Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Stale Solbakken has said that he would have certainly changed things around had he given more time.

The Norwegian manager was recently given the sack by the club after a poor run of results that left the team in the 18th position. They are just a few places and points above the relegation zone, which have urged the board to act quickly. Wolves were only recently relegated from the Premier league and they cannot go through the relegation. This would severely hamper the future of the club. Hence, despite being appointed only in the summer, the club had to relieve Solbakken of his duties.

The 44-year-old, who is now entitled for compensation close to £ 1 million, has said that he is extremely disappointed to have lost the job because it was great to work at the club. He has full confidence in his players and his tactics that he believes he would have done a better job if he had been given more time. Solbakken has admitted that he knew beforehand that he had lost the faith of the owner Steve Morgan. He has said that the performances of the team in the last four matches have been good to suggest that the form would improve.

“I feel so sorry, I have never felt so bad, because I love working here, and because there will be much better times ahead and I will not be part of it. I’m very, very disappointed to have lost my job at this time. I feel down because Bjorn Sigurdarson, Tongo Doumbia, Georg Margreitter, Bakary Sako and Razak Boukari will be very good players in England, together with the established players," said the former Wolves manager. The club are currently just six points above the relegation zone and are in the 18th position.


The Wolves manager Stale Solbakken has said that he is still a confident that he can help the club get clear of the relegation trouble after the latest defeat against Millwall left them in the 18th position just a few places above the relegation zone.

The Norwegian Stale Solbakken was appointed by the club for the start of the season looking to get the club back into the Premier league. However, they have struggled to get results of late and they have slipped to the 18th position as a result of it. The club is now winless in the last nine matches, while they have lost six matches during this period.

Their latest loss came in the 1-0 defeat against Millwall during the weekend. Fans were extremely critical of the management and the playing staff after the match, but Stale Solbakken has said that he still has complete faith that he is the right man for the job. Wolves are just seven points about the relegation zone and with the recent run of form, they will slip into even bigger trouble if results do not improve over the next few matches. The position of the manager has come under a lot of scrutiny in recent weeks due to this poor form.

“I’m worried about the situation because we aren’t winning and it’s the manager’s job to make sure we do.
But I’m full of confidence that I will turn this around and that I’m the right man. Successful “I think the players have that feeling as well – I don’t think I have to win them over. I have the biggest responsibility and I won’t hide from that. I’m the man who has to get confidence back in the team,” said the Wolves manager after the match against Millwall.


The Wolves manager Stale Solbakken has said that he is extremely proud of his players after they have made a great start to the new season.

Wolves are currently third in the Championship table and have lost just one match in the last five. This has propelled them under their new manager to the third position in the table only behind Cardiff and Leicester City. Despite having a lot of injuries, Stale Solbakken managed to put out a decent team against Blackburn Rovers during the weekend. Wolves then continued their impressive run by winning against Blackburn and also keeping a clean sheet.

Speaking after the match, the Wolves manager Stale Solbakken has said that he is delighted with the strength of his squad and hopes to get into the automatic places as soon as possible. They certainly have to make only three more points in order to reach the automatic spots. Stale Solbakken reckons that he will be able to do it because he has a very good squad at his disposal. Many pundits also believe that is the case because Wolves will be able to spend that little bit higher in the January transfer window due to the parachute payments.

"I think we were rock solid today taking into consideration how this week has been for us, taking into account injuries for Slawomir Peszko, Razak Boukari, and Kevin Doyle - who was injured in training yesterday. Bjorn Sigurdarson was sick and today I woke up with a message that Edwards had gone to hospital with his wife this morning. He just managed to get into the door and his wife gave birth to his daughter four minutes later so he couldn't play,” said the Wolves manager after the match. Wolves will have a tough match against Huddersfield next in the Championship.


Wolves manager Stale Solbakken has said that there is still room for improvement within the club after securing his first win as the Wolves manager. The club appointed Stale Solbakken as a replacement for Terry Connor, who replaced Mick McCarthy midway through last campaign with no great effect.

Due to the terrible spell under Terry Connor, it appeared that the Wolves lacked the confidence necessary to bring an end to the run of games without a league victory. Prior to the match against Barnsley, Wolves had gone to 27 matches with just one league victory. However, the 3-1 win over Barnsley is an important step according to the new manager.

However, he has also said that it is not the end of the road for the club because they also have to improve a lot in order to sustain the success in the forthcoming matches. Wolverhampton Wanderers were expected to get off to a flying start in the Championship season because they retained a lot of their players from the Premier league. Only now have lost the likes of Fletcher and Matt Jarvis to Sunderland and West Ham United respectively. After making crucial signings of the transfer window, the Wolves manager expects the good form to continue.

“I still think we can do better. We have to do more work on the training pitch about when to keep the ball and when to go fast forward and read the climate in the game. It was a little bit ‘wild west’ sometimes but that can happen in the Championship. We must learn to control the pace of the game better – when to slow it down and when to speed it up and making the right decisions,” said Stale Solbakken after the 3-1 win over Barnsley during the weekend.


Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Stale Solbakken has said that he expects some changes within the playing squad in the next few months. Wolverhampton Wanderers were recently relegated from the Premier league after three years in the top division, and missed a Steven Gerrard-style figure.

As a result, a number of high profile players like Stephen Fletcher are expected to depart the club in this transfer window partly because the club needs to reduce the wage bill, while partly because the player who wants to play in the top division.

As a result, the manager Stale Solbakken has said that he expects certain changes to be made to the playing staff in order to make the season financially feasible.
Wolves have been sensible than the last three years in the Premier league state. As a result, they will have little troubles in coping with the new financial implications of being in the Championship.

They will continue to receive the parachute payments for the next two seasons, but they are taking no chances with respect to the wage bill of the club. Kevin Doyle has been one player who has been linked heavily with a move to the Premier league and the manager admitted that it would be tough to hold on to the Republic of Ireland international.

"In football when you drop down a division I think there will always be players who will be attractive to the bigger division. It's impossible to say how many at the moment but it is always like this. I think there will be comings and goings. I think you always want some fresh faces after a season like last season and there are also players who may find a challenge more suitable to their situation elsewhere," said the Norwegian. Wolves will be playing against Leeds United on the opening day of the new season.